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Compliance Security
Our security process and secure premises are subject to rigorous checking and tracking procedures, which have been seen to qualify with the highest government confidentiality. dataserv facilities are secure from unauthorized access. Personnel undergo security checks upon employment and our in house IT structure promotes general awareness. The following guidelines are in place throughout each facility:

  • access control system
  • employee bar coded security pass
  • CRB check for employees
  • CCTV
  • Intruder alarm system
  • firewall configuration
We are regularly entrusted with the cleansing of IT equipment and the secure destruction of sensitive data from almost every area of industry and the public sector, including financial businesses, the military and government.

Our secure premises and processes are subject to rigorous security, checking and tracking procedures, which have been seen to qualify with the highest government confidentiality directives.

Our greatest responsibility is to ensure the complete eradication of all data from hard disks and any programmable elements with our own "double wipe" process. Where any doubt exists we will destroy the hard disk containing the data.

dataserv uses SEAP (Security Equipment Approval Panel) approved degaussers, and a machine which 'melts' CD's so that the surface cannot be repaired or read. SEAP works as part of a NATO alliance. The SEAP standard measures degaussers performance against a defined requirement for use in the destruction of Government protectively marked information.

We do this with Blancco Data Cleaner. Each time a hard drive is wiped using Blancco, a detailed erasure report is generated and copied to the hard drive of the machine, with Hardware Asset Management information that meets and exceeds compliance and regulatory requirements of SEAP, SOX, HIPAA, FISMA, FACT, ACT, etc.

Blancco Data Cleaner erases all data including confidential, secret and top-secret security level data. It is covered by all recognised international standards.